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Paraiso Dakhla
Go beyond limits with the spot that defies the wind!

We are delighted to welcome you to our resort, where you can discover the natural beauty of the Dakhla Lagoon, the majestic sand dunes, and the surrounding mountains, while observing the graceful pink flamingos evolving in their natural habitat.


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Paraiso dakhla Hotel
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Paraiso Dakhla
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Kite foil

Discover kite foiling, the ultimate gliding experience on water! Soar above the waves and feel an unparalleled sense of lightness and freedom. Our sports center ...

Wing foil

Wingfoiling is a very fun sport that can be practiced in a variety of wind and sea conditions, making it accessible to all skill levels. With a little bit of training, you can learn to glide over the water freely...


Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our team of qualified instructors will guide you through every step of this thrilling activity. We have carefully selected the best equipment..


With a diverse selection of boards suitable for all levels, our experienced instructors will guide you through every step to help you achieve your surfing goals. Whether you are looking...

Our Mamati restaurant offers a unique culinary experience by showcasing authentic Moroccan cuisine. We offer a variety of delicious dishes prepared with fresh and quality ingredients, such as tagines, couscous, tanjia, and salads


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